viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Program For Responsible Development. Chiva. 180 Proposals For Having Future

1. Approval of a General Town Planning that envisage the creation of non pollution business zone around half a million square meters.
2. Public owned industrial land will be offered for free to companies that will ensure by contract job creation. The land will be granted for 75 years if the company ensures a steady job for every 100 square meters.
3. Companies to be installed in Chiva or companies which are successful tenders for works and town services will have to manage recruitment staff through the local employment office.
4. Initiate negotiations with the European Union funds, with the goal to get public subsidies for economic development, environmental sustainability, urban rehabilitation and training in new technologies.
5. Creation of a public special plan aiming on the revitalization of trade and creation of the Town Institute of Commerce.

“Our main goal is encourage job creation”
Gonzalo Guillén: Expert in local development projects

• Creation of free parking areas
• Actual development of Chacora’s grand park, Chiva’s green lung.
• Planning of the municipal park el Castillo
• School awareness program concerning drug addiction, harassment and gender-based violence.
• Strengthening of collaboration with entities that takes care of disadvantaged people, as the Red Cross, Caritas and other NGOs.
• Recovery of the representation of cultural interest of Torico de la Cuerda, driven at the time by councilman socialist Enrique Asensio.
• Town Hall will lead the claim for the Generalitat immediately build a new public school in the land given by Chiva.
• Town Hall will claim to the Conselleria for expansion of the Chiva health center; Town hall will provide available resources of the town for this project.
• Call for referendums to take decisions of especial importance to Chiva.
• Participatory budgeting.
• Immediate review of waste taxes.
• Negotiation of an agreement with Diputación and Generalitat about a plan to abolish septic tanks and promote and agreement between institutions for construction and management of the sewerage network in all areas who lack sewage.
• Town Hall will join the citizen movement of defense of the public health and the movement of public demand of a district hospital, preferably Chiva-based, and will take the necessary steps to obtain cooperation from the European Union to fund this project.

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